Plastitex has been manufacturing vinyl fabric for chairs across several decades, and has gained an international reputation for producing exceptional polyester blend fabric. The hard-wearing, comfortable and practical furniture coverings produced by Plastitex are relied on to create quality chairs that look fantastic and stand the test of time.

Among the wide range of vinyl fabric for chairs available from Plastitex is Sensitex – a fabric that combines the ultra strength of PVC with the comforting texture of yarn. This particular range feels comfortable and is weather-resistant, yet it still delivers the same wrinkled effect created by natural linen.

Durability and aesthetic for chairs’ fabrics

The Sensitex, Technic and Ecolefine ranges are ideal vinyl fabric for chairs because of their durability and aesthetic benefits. Available in a wide range of colours, these fabrics are ideal for creating comfortable chairs that can be stored outside. This is why garden furniture manufacturers in particular rely on Plastitex fabrics to make their most exclusive ranges.

Manufactured to the highest possible standards in Italy, Plastitex vinyl fabric for chairs has been developed through years of intensive research and testing. And continuing investment in research and development will ensure that this range of fabrics is always ahead of the curve – setting trends, instead of following them.

The practical, hard-wearing nature of Plastitex fabrics makes them ideal for use in busy offices. These advanced furniture coverings are designed to withstand the everyday use that companies demand from their office furniture. These strong yet elegant fabrics are also used widely in the production of chairs for commercial premises such as cafes and restaurants.

Plastitex vinyl fabric can be relied on to deliver a great look and long-lasting performance. These precision-engineered fabrics have been made to withstand heavy use and everything that Mother Nature can throw at them, which is why chair manufacturers trust Plastitex with their products.