Interior design

Interior - Longframe AliasChais longue “Longframe”
Alberto Meda for Alias

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interior - sedia antigaChair “Elba”

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interior - cuscino jaquioPillow “Sophie”

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interior - seduta magisSeat “Paso doble”
Stefano Giovannoni for Magis

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Also usable outdoors



Also usable outdoors



Also usable outdoors



Also usable outdoors




Plastitex manufactures polyester blend fabric for a range of purposes, including furniture production and interior design. The company has developed polyester fabrics that deliver aesthetically while remaining strong and durable for everyday living.

The products manufactured by Plastitex are used as raw materials in the production of high-end, bespoke furniture, including sofas, chairs and garden furniture. These highly resilient fabrics are also used in the production of fashion accessories, nets, awnings and gazebo covers.

Durable and practical vinyl fabrics

Designers, home builders and homeowners use Plastitex fabrics for interior design purposes. Among the many uses for polyester blend fabrics is the production of all-weather garden furniture. Manufactured to the highest possible standards, these fabrics deliver protection from the elements and durability, while creating a comfortable look and feel.

Available in a full palette of colours, vinyl fabrics from Plastitex are used by interior designers all over the world because of the aesthetic properties and practicality they deliver.

The vinyl products for interior design created by Plastitex have already created stunning living spaces. Used on garden loungers, chairs, carpet and soft furnishings, these fabrics are relied on to create a range of designs in pool areas, gardens, sun houses a range of outdoor areas.

A history of excellence

Since 1960, Plastitex has been manufacturing premium vinyl fabrics for interior design purposes. Customers continue returning to Plastitex because of the range of functional features, colours and designs available. The international reputation Plastitex has developed over the years has made the company an industry leader in the production of vinyl fabrics for lounge chairs.

Some of the world’s leading interior designers rely on Plastitex for quality vinyl fabrics that fulfil their vision. As a result, Plastitex has played an integral part in changing design principles and fashion trends. And many of the items now made with the company’s vinyl fabrics for interior design have already become classics.