High reliability and performance

Featuring the highest performance on the market for 40 years, the Classic line offers high tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear over time, as tested and certified by CATAS. Classic makes an ideal tool for design and architecture. Plastitex prides itself with numerous collaborations with major brands such as Magis, Alias, Calligaris, Zucchi.

zenit_cla-netmedium-1Net medium
Net medium is an  icon of plastic fabrics. Featuring high resistance and ease of cleaning, combined with excellent breathability, Net Medium makes a perfect solution for office chairs, the gardening industry and everyday living spaces.


net medium flame retardantNet medium flame retardant
With  its high resistance and great ease of cleaning, combined with excellent breathability, Net medium flame retardant is a timeless classic among plastic fabrics and makes an ideal solutions for office chairs, the entire contract market and everyday living spaces.


net crossNet cross
Net cross is the Classic solution that features the highest tensile strength. This fabric is specially woven to enhance its excellent technical performance with improved breathability. Ideal for outdoor use in a variety of everyday living spaces.


square lightSquare light
Square features a simple yet distinctive weft to create a special texture with an artisan feel. The light version offers a high level of breathability while maintaining high performance. Perfect for outdoor contract furnishings.


square mediumSquare medium
Square features a simple yet distinctive weft to create a special texture with an artisan feel. The more compact, medium version offers high performance combined with great covering power. Ideal for outdoor contract furnishings requiring high reliability.


panama mediumPanama medium
Panama fabrics are woven with double yarns in both the warp and weft. In the medium version, the greater density of yarns results in higher covering power and technical performance. An ideal solution for the gardening market and outdoor contract furnishings.



jacquard mediumClassic Jacquard 10.7
Medium 10.7 features high technical performance while maintaining a low weight per square metre. Its weathering resistance makes it ideal for garden products, while its decorative details offer attractive options to customise the end product.


jaquard 15.7Classic Jacquard 15.6




jacquard heavyClassic Jacquard 20.6
Heavy is a fabric with excellent resistance to mechanical stress. The contrast between the colours of patterns is particularly marked. The possibility to create many different patterns allows for the high level of customisation required by the contract sector.


jaquard 20.9 screen Classic Jacquard 20.9 Screen










Even without the addition of other yarns, Trieste is softer than traditional fabrics.
Ideal for those seeking a natural wrinkled effect and high tensile strength, especially in the field of outdoor sports.




Canvas combines a naturally rough and compact fabric with high technical performance. It features great covering power and is suitable for all uses requiring high tensile strength.


Juta is a ragged fabric reminiscent of ancient craftsmanship. The shades of hemp, combined with the roughness of the yarn, give the fabric a natural, textured look.



square exclusiveSquare exclusive
In its Exclusive Garden version, Square offers a simple yet elegant weave, with bundles of threads that move together to create a fabric that resembles a braided tape. The opaque and rough yarn that characterises the entire line, makes its feel like reed mat to the touch.


The Rope fabric uses an extra thick yarn to make the product particularly sturdy. Its rough appearance adds an artisan twist, reminiscent of the rope work of sailors.