Environment and performance

Halogen-free and 100% recyclable, the ECOLEFINE® composite fabric combines high performance with maximum respect for the environment.

At the end of its useful life, both the core and the compound are easily transformed into granules for the production of other goods. It is lightweight, resistant (to sunlight, salt water and chlorinated water), and suitable for both hot- and high-frequency welding.

ecolefine netEcolefine® Net
Featuring high resistance to weathering and ease of cleaning, combined with excellent breathability, ECOLEFINE Net makes a perfect solution for outdoor chairs, the gardening industry and everyday living spaces.


milestone mediumEcolefine® Strong
Made from a thicker yarn, ECOLEFINE® Strong ensures higher resistance to UV rays and weathering, as well as excellent mechanical performance. The heat setting process gives the fabric higher dimensional stability.


ecolefine panama heavyEcolefine® Panama Heavy




panama mediumEcolefine® Panama Medium
Panama fabrics are woven with double yarns in both the warp and weft. The medium version features larger spaces between the fibres to improve breathability.



ecolefine jacquard 10.7Ecolefine® Jacquard 10.7
Jacquard 10.7 features high technical performance while maintaining a low weight per square metre. Its weathering resistance makes it ideal for garden products, while its decorative details offer attractive options to customise the end product.


ecolefine jacquard 10.10Ecolefine® Jacquard 10.10
The Jacquard methods brings greater versatility to the weaving process, making it possible to create a wide variety of patterns.
Firms and closely woven, the 10.10 fabric features high tensile strength.